The best site to buy fake degrees from Drexel University.

The best site to buy fake degrees from Drexel University.
The best site to buy fake degrees from Drexel University.

1.Basic information.The best site to buy fake degrees.

The name
Drexel University

Drexel U

Founding time
In 1891

School-running nature
Private university

School category
Comprehensive university

Faculty setting
Business School, law School, School of Education, School of Art, School of Engineering, etc


The majors offered by Drexel University almost cover all academic fields, with the School of Art, the School of Engineering and the School of Business as the best. The School of Engineering is rated as the National Model College by the National Science Foundation. Every year, about 1% of the engineering graduates in the United States come from the university, which is a large number of people can be imagined. The school’s bioengineering program ranks 37th in the United States, materials engineering ranks 41st, and environmental sanitation engineering ranks 47th. The school has about 19,000 students.

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2.Basic information

Campus Size :96 acres, Drexel University has three campuses: the main University City Campus, the downtown Hahnemann Campus (which includes Hahnemann University Hospital), and the Queens Lane Medical School campus.

The main campus of Drexel University is located on 77 acres of land in the college town on the west bank of the Schoolkill River. It is the earliest and largest campus of Drexel University. There are administrative offices and an academic center for university students. Student accommodation is in the village of Bowalton in the university Town. The campus has two performance centers, the Mandel Theater and the main Hall. The main hall was built at the time of the university’s initial construction and has 100 seats. The Mandel Theatre, built in 1973, has a stage for performances and a two-wing cooling system and light control system. It has 424 seats and is used mainly for annual concerts and events.

The Queens Lane Medical campus is part of Hahnemann University, which Drexel University bought in 2003. It is located in the East Fall section of northwest Philadelphia, in the heart of Hahnemann University Hospital. The highway across Vine Street is used by first – and second-year medical students at the foundation level. The campus has free shuttle buses to the downtown Hahnemann campus and the main College Town campus.