I want to buy a fake Fordham degree in the United States.

I want to buy a fake Fordham degree in the United States.
I want to buy a fake Fordham degree in the United States.

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The name
Fordham University(English)
Universitas Fordhamensis(Latin)

Fordham, Fordham

Founding time
In 1841

School-running nature
Private university

School category
Comprehensive research university, Roman Catholic Church university

School characteristics
Patriot league member

Faculty setting
Law School, Business School, liberal Arts School, Education school, religious school, social service school, etc

School motto
New York is My Campus, Fordham is my School


Fordham University

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Fordham University consists of ten major schools, four of which are undergraduate schools and six are graduate schools. Fordham University is a well-known Patriot League school. The alliance is made up of 12 elite universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgetown University and West Point. What these institutions have in common is their small size and high meritocracy.

Fordham University, second only to Columbia and New York University in New York, has a large and strong alumni base in New York, including former President Donald Trump, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Sequoia Capital founder Donald T. Valentine, Presiding over the famous “Bernard Madoff fraud “(Southern District of New York Judge Chen Zhuokuang, etc.

Fordham University’s campuses are located in the New York metropolitan area, including Lincoln Center Campus in Midtown Manhattan, Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx, and Westchester Campus in suburban West Harrison County. Fordham University also has a Study Abroad center in Kensington, London, UK. His law, business, English, history, education, and sociology have all enjoyed high national reputations. Business majors such as finance, informatics and marketing are among the TOP20 in the United States.