Secretly purchased fake University of Alberta degrees.

Secretly purchased fake University of Alberta degrees.
Secretly purchased fake University of Alberta degrees.

1.Basic information.Secretly purchased fake degrees.

University of Alberta

UA, Ah

Founding time

School-running nature
Public university

School category
Comprehensive research university

School characteristics
Member of the U15 Consortium of Canadian Research Universities
Member of the World Union of Universities
Member of World Alliance of Energy Universities

State key discipline
Artificial Intelligence
Reinforcement Learning
Engineering major

Faculty setting
College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Business, College of Arts, College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, etc

School motto
Whatsoever things are true


Major awards
Seventy-one Rhodes scholars
141 Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada
111 Canada Research Chairs
60 Members of the Order of Canada
3 Canada Excellence Research Chairs

School official website

2.School profile.

The UniversityofAlberta, founded in 1908, is located in the center of Edmonton, the capital ofAlberta, Canada, on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River. It is one of the best research universities in Canada, and has been ranked among the top five universities in Canada for many years.

The University of Alberta currently has five campuses, of which the main campus on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River in downtown Edmonton is the original site. Downtown Edmonton is also home to the French-speaking St. Jean campus, a few kilometers east of the main campus; the South campus, a few kilometers south of the main campus, where the Fordy Stadium is located; and the soon-to-start downtown campus, in downtown North Saskatchewan’s North Shore. In addition, the Augustana Campus in Conross, a small city more than 100 kilometers southeast of Edmonton, is the site of Augustana University College, which was incorporated into the University of Alberta in 2004 and now houses Augustana College.

The facilities on the University of Alberta campus are very sophisticated. The main campus covers 89 hectares and 5,000 hectares of off-campus research land. The sprawling campus houses 400 research laboratories, including the most powerful laser laboratory in Canada, the most cutting-edge scanning electron microscope laboratory, two NMR facilities, and several agricultural research sites. The University Library is the second largest research library in Canada, and the number of books per capita ranks first in Canada. The Timms Arts Centre has the latest and best drama teaching facilities in the country. The sports and recreation center has a variety of outdoor and indoor recreational facilities. The student apartment is connected to the shopping mall and is a convenient and comfortable place to live.

Advantages of geographical location: