Buy a fake University of Calgary diploma through a formal method.

Buy a fake University of Calgary diploma through a formal method.
Buy a fake University of Calgary diploma through a formal method.

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University of Calgary

University, UCalgary, UofC, UC-Canada

Founding time
In 1966

School-running nature
Public university

School category
Comprehensive research university

School characteristics
Member of the U15 Consortium of Canadian Research Universities

Faculty setting
Medical school, business school, engineering, etc

School motto
Gaelic :Mow HOO-luh TOW-gum SU-uss(I will lift my eyes)


School official website

2.School profile.

The University of Calgary was founded in 1945 as part of the University of Alberta and became an independent university in 1966. In just 40 years, the University of Calgary has rocketed to become one of Canada’s premier research universities. The university is located in Calgary, southern Alberta, Canada, 200 kilometers north of Montana, the first big city you see after crossing the Rocky Mountains, and an hour’s flight from Vancouver.

The main campus of the University of Calgary covers approximately 213 hectares. The university has 19,801 full-time undergraduate students and 4,340 graduate students, among which there are more than 1,000 international students. The university library has a collection of more than 1.8 million volumes, including original works by many Canadian authors and complete architectural samples by some famous architects.

In recent years, due to the economic prosperity of Alberta and Calgary and abundant government and corporate funding, the University of Calgary has become increasingly important in domestic and international scientific research and teaching status, and has been listed in the top ten scientific research forces of Canadian universities.

It is not only a member of nine national excellent research centers, but also the only education center with special qualification in the country. Its International Tourism Education and Research Center is recognized by the World Tourism Organization and is the only research center outside Europe. The University’s numerous institutes, research centers, and research groups are dedicated to a wide range of professional research in areas such as law, family, energy, the environment, engineering, software, and the humanities, with outstanding results. The 1988 Winter Olympics were held at the university rink.