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1.School profile.Falsk diplom.Køb Aalborg Universitet falsk diplom hurtigt.

Aalborg University was founded in 1974 and is the youngest of the five universities in Denmark. In the past few years, the university has developed very fast and the campus has been expanding. Its education and scientific research level in engineering, natural science, social science and humanities are in a leading position. It consists of three colleges: the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Technology. At present Aalborg University is the most important college in North Jutland province.

Specialty setting

English-taught majors are: Sound engineering, agricultural technology, application signal programming and execution, biomedical engineering, biological technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental management, Global Positioning System technology, indoor environment Engineering, Intelligent multimedia, intelligent Independent systems, knowledge and data Engineering, mobile communications, digital communications, oil and gas technology, software systems engineering, pillar energy engineering, etc.

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Aalborg University consists of five faculties, each of which contains departments and research centers, with a total of 18 departments. Postgraduate courses in most departments are taught in English.

● The Faculty of Humanitites

● The Faculty of Social Sciences

● The Faculty of Engineering and Science. The Faculty of Engineering and Science

● The Faculty of Medicine

The Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) The Danish Building Research Institute (SBI)

Graduate programs offered

1. International business economics

2. International Management 3. European Studies

4. International Development Economics

5. Environmental management

Aalborg University

6. Sustainable Energy Project

7. Environmental Engineering

8. Indoor environment engineering

10. Oil and Gas Technology

11. Software Systems Engineering

Diploma courses offered

1. International Management

3. International Development Studies

4. International Cultural Exchange 5. Environmental Engineering