How to order Robert. A fake degree from Gordon University.

How to order Robert. A fake degree from Gordon University.
How to order Robert. A fake degree from Gordon University.
How to order Robert. A fake degree from Gordon University.
How to order Robert. A fake degree from Gordon University.

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Robert Gordon University


Founding time

School-running nature
British public universities

School category
Comprehensive university

Faculty setting
Aberdeen Business School, School of Social Health, School of Design and Technology

School motto
Integration of knowledge and practice, and application of knowledge

Robert ordonUniversity, GarthdeeRoad, Aberdeen, AB107QB, UK

Robert Gordon University

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Robert Gordon University consists of three schools: Aberdeen Business School, School of Social Health and School of Design and Technology:

Aberdeen Business School:
Aberdeen Business School is a member of the Association of Business Schools and the European Foundation for Management Development, and has received an MBA from the Professional Association of the UK MBA, the Chartered Institute of Management, the Royal Institute of Purchasing and Management, the Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management, the Joint Institute of Project Management, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the British Association of Library Specialists, Royal Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, British Export Council and other associations.

Aberdeen Business School consists of eight departments: Department of Finance and Finance, Department of Business Administration, Department of Human Resource Management, Department of Marketing, Department of Law, Department of Information and Media, Department of Information Management, Department of Public Policy. It offers three levels of degree education from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.

The College offers the following courses:

MBA, MBA(Petroleum Enterprise), Management, Financial Management, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, International Marketing Management, International Business, International Tourism Management, Quality Management, Project Management, Organizational Communication and Public Affairs, MPA, Information Management, Information Management and Library Science, 24 master courses: Knowledge System Management, International Trade, International Economic Law, International Information Network Law, Oil and Gas Law, Construction Contract and Arbitration Law;

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Accounting and Finance, Management, Management (Economics), Management (Finance), Human Resource Management, Management (Marketing), Media and Public Relations, Communication Media, Journalism, Journalism and Publishing, Fashion Management, International Catering Management, Retail Management, International Tourism Management, Law, Law and Management 18 courses Science courses.

The research institutes of the School are: Centre for Entrepreneurship, Centre for International Labour Market Research, Centre for Knowledge Management Research, Centre for Public Policy and Management Research, Centre for Scottish Tourism Research, Centre for Transport Policy Research; The research field covers information management, publishing, organizational communication, politics and public policy, management and law of tourism services, as well as traditional fields of management, such as finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, quality management, project management, etc.

The college has modern teaching equipment and facilities. The school has a virtual campus, multimedia classroom, seminar room, speech lab, computer room, moot court, simulation studio, etc., which provides a complete guarantee for teaching and scientific research. The school currently has more than 250 faculty members and more than 3,000 national and international students. The College Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of Aberdeen Business School.

School of Design Technology:

Scott Sunderland Department of Architecture

Department of Computer Science

Gray Department of Art

Department of engineering

School of Social Health:

Department of Social Medical Research

School of Social Health

School of Social Health

Department of medicine

Department of biological sciences

Department of Medical Nursing and Midwifery and Department of Health Nutrition

Center for Obesity and Epidemiology Research

Health research center