How to buy a fake Oxford Brookes University diploma.

How to buy a fake Oxford Brookes University diploma.
How to buy a fake Oxford Brookes University diploma.

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1.Basic information.How to buy a fake University diploma.

Oxford Brookes University

Cow cloth

Founding time

School-running nature
Public university

School category
Comprehensive class

Faculty setting
Department of Hotel Management, Business School, etc

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2.School profile.

In this part of Britain, the University of Oxford, known by local people and scholars as “Greater Oxford,” and the Oxford Brookes University, founded in 1865, “Little Oxford,” share modern knowledge and civilization under the same sky, and have cultivated a number of outstanding talents for the social sciences. Little Oxford was renamed Oxford Technical College in 1970; It officially became a university in 1992. The school has three campuses, located in Gipsy Road (1 mile from the city centre), Whitley (6 miles from the city centre) and Huddington Hill Hall (1 mile from the city centre).

There is free public transport between the campuses. The University has an international reputation for continuous innovation and the high quality of its teaching and courses. The modular degree programme it pioneered 25 years ago is now being adopted by universities old and new. The university is proud of its strong strength, and focuses on practical application in teaching subjects. QS World University Ranking is stable within the world’s top 400.

Oxford Brookes University’s strongest major is hotel and tourism Management, and many of its courses have obtained full marks in the national teaching evaluation. Its master’s program offers a one-year paid internship in an internationally renowned hotel. With strong industry links, the school provides students with innovative teaching methods such as up-to-date case studies and executive lectures. It has the highest employment rate of any hospitality school in the UK.

In addition, Oxford Brookes University is located in the Racing Valley of the UK, and is one of the world’s best racing teaching institutions. The University’s racing related program is recognized around the world and its courses are developed in partnership with the racing industry.

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Other strong majors of the school are: Business administration, applied accounting, publishing, and the school with its unique bold academic innovation has become a British citizen and the world of business students praise, the business school has been accredited by AMBA, and is also the world’s top accounting certificate ACCA Chartered Certified Accountant examination institution.

The University offers preparatory to undergraduate to graduate programs in the following areas: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Architecture, Art, Biology and Molecular Sciences, Business, Computer and mathematical Sciences, Structural and geographic Sciences, Education, engineering, Health care, humanities, languages, law, music, planning, publishing and printing, real estate management, and social sciences.

Oxford Brookes has a student population of about 18,500 and nearly 2,000 visiting scholars from more than 100 countries.