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Where to buy a fake Chichester University degree.

1.Basic information.Where to buy a fake degree.

The name
University of Chichester


Founding time
In 1839

School-running nature
Public university

School category
Comprehensive university

School motto
Docendo discimus

West Sussex, England

University of Chichester (UoC), founded in 1839, is a public university in the United Kingdom with a history of 180 years, located in Chichester, West Sussex, England. The founder was Bishop William Otter, Bishop of Chichester in the Church of England who was the first rector of King’s College London in England. William Otter became Bishop of Chichester in 1836 and founded Chichester Theological Seminary in July 1838. Chichester Training Colleger was founded the following year as Chichester University. Chichester University is also a member of the Church of England University Group (CCUC).

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2.Academic strength

Quality is central to the University of Chichester, which offers a wide range of innovative courses, from certificate to PhD programmes. The quality of all courses is high, and the school’s courses receive high marks in the national assessment of teaching quality conducted by the government agency. Seventy-six percent of faculty members hold doctorates, and the success rate of students is among the highest in the country, reflecting the high standard of expert teaching at the school.

International students will be well cared for and greatly assisted in their studies. At Chichester, 100 students would never sit together in a classroom. Class sizes are fairly small, and learning activities are new, practical, and enjoyable.

Students can combine non-native English courses with a degree course and earn a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree. Regardless of which degree program you choose to study, students will receive individual help with the language they need. The University of Chichester runs an IELTS preparatory course to help students meet the language requirements for degree level study.

In the British Council’s inspection report, the school’s English language teachers received a grade of “outstanding” for their qualifications, experience and learning resources. Employment rates for graduates are also high :94% of students find work or go on to further education immediately after graduation.