Where can I get a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University?

Where can I get a bachelor's degree from Lehigh University?
Where can I get a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University?

1.Basic information.Where can I get a bachelor’s degree.

Chinese name
Lehigh University

Subordinate region
Pennsylvania, USA

Founding time

First-class national University (USA)

Type of school

Private university

English name
Lehigh University

Simple name

Major department
Schools of Engineering, Business, Education, arts and Sciences

School training
Homo Minister et Interpres Naturaeman


How to obtain a Lebanese International University degree certificate.

2.College introduction.

In the early days, it was a male-only university, but now it is open to both men and women, with women accounting for more than 40 percent.

Lehigh University is a prestigious comprehensive private university with a long history. Since its foundation, the university has always focused on engineering, which enjoys a national reputation. Today, 50 percent of its students major in engineering. In addition, business management is also excellent, especially accounting, finance and economics. Other disciplines such as architecture, psychology, government, journalism and so on are also worthy of praise. Chemistry and mathematics excel in science.

School characteristics
The school not only has advanced hardware equipment, but also gathers a large number of well-known scholars. At the same time, there are also visiting scholars who come here every year, which greatly enhances the scientific research strength here.

The slogan of Lehigh University is “Study hard, play hard”. After entering the threshold of university, the study pressure is heavy, which of course is the common characteristic of almost all universities focusing on engineering.

Li Da is built on a mountain with beautiful scenery. Most of the dormitories are built on hillsides. Students joke that Lehigh doesn’t require physical exercise. Every day between the dormitory and the classroom, is the best exercise.