The highest paying degree at La Trobe University.

The highest paying degree at La Trobe University.
The highest paying degree at La Trobe University.

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Foreign name
La Trobe University

School name
La Trobe University


Founding time


Type of school

Subordinate region
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Major department
Humanities and social sciences

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Founded in 1964, La Trobe University is one of Australia’s largest, fastest growing, and publicly funded universities.

La Trobe University offers courses for overseas students on four campuses, two in the city of Melbourne (Bandura and downtown), one in Albury/Wodonga, one in Bendigo and other campuses around Victoria, allowing overseas students to attend part of their courses in a unique local setting.

The university has 22,000 students, 1,700 overseas students, 4,000 staff and 1,800 teachers. The school is located in Victoria, which has a spectacular coastline, charming beaches, and snowfields with superb facilities. The natural landscape is varied from fertile farmland to rocky, arid semi-desert areas.

Curriculum setting
Humanities and Social Sciences: Film and Media teaching, Linguistics, development studies, Policy studies, etc.

Education: Linguistics, primary education, secondary education, pedagogy, etc.

Business: International Business, Economics, Accounting, E-commerce, Finance, Enterprise Development Strategy, Public Finance, Hotel Management, Management, Tourism Management, Business Administration, etc.

Engineering: Communication engineering, computer system engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, optical engineering, etc.

Science: Biology, Computer Science, Geography, environmental protection, mathematics, physics, psychology, agriculture, information systems, etc.

Medicine: Nursing, pathology, physiotherapy, etc.