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1.Basic information.Quomodo emere Fake Diploma.

Studium Urbis
Universita degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” (Italian)
Sapienza University of Rome


Founding time
On April 20, 1303

School-running nature
National university

School category
Comprehensive research university

Faculty setting
Schools of Architecture, engineering, Law, politics, business and economics

Rome, Lazio region, Italy

Major awards
Nobel Prizes (14 in total)
Wolf Prize (1990)
American Institute of Architects Gold Medal (1972, 1982)
Academy Awards (1987)
Shannon Award (2014)

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2.School profile.

Italian: Sapienza – Universita di Roma

English: Sapienza University of Rome

The University of Rome is the abbreviation of the first University of Rome, also known as Rome one, also translated as the University of Wisdom of Rome. In 1303, by a decree of Pope Bonifaggio VII, the Church of Rome realized its century-long dream of building a seminary when the new school, called Studium Urbis, opened to the public.

In 1305-1377, the French Pope Clement V moved the church to Avignon, and the city government of Rome administered the city, during which the First University of Rome began to gain prominence (1363). In 1431 the First University of Rome was reestablished by a decree called In Supremae with the support of the Vatican, headed by Pope Ngenius IV. The course of Greek literature, in addition to teaching theology, was introduced at the First University of Rome and duly promoted the spread of humanistic ideas. It also gave prestige to the university, known as Sapienza.

The school has won three Nobel Prizes (Physics in 1938 and 1959 and Physiology or Medicine in 1957) and has produced many famous people from all walks of life in Europe and the world.