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Quickly buy fake Roosevelt diplomas
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1.Basic information.Quickly buy fake diplomas.

Roosevelt University


Founding time
In 1945

School-running nature
College of Music

Subordinate region
Chicago, Illinois, USA


College of Music

School profile
Roosevelt has long placed the needs of its students at the forefront, and the College has been recognized as an institution of higher education leading the academic mainstream. There is extensive collaboration between the academic world and the professional fields of the faculty.

Roosevelt University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The College offers both traditional on-campus courses and advanced online courses (distance learning).

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2.School profile.

Roosevelt University, with its main campus in downtown Chicago and another campus in Chicago’s Schaumburg, was founded in 1945. Named after the former President of the United States, Roosevelt University, in addition to providing students with rich learning opportunities, also encourages students to combine learning with practice, offering students local internship and job opportunities. To date, Roosevelt offers 125 undergraduate degrees and 40 master’s degree programs.
Curriculum setting

The undergraduate program of the college
Art History, Music Performance, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Communications, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Risk Management and Insurance, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Teacher Education, Special Education, General Communications, International Studies, Journalism, Law, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Justice, Sociology Spanish, telecommunications and so on.

Graduate programs offered by the College
Music Performance, Biotechnology & Chemical Science, Computer Science, Creative Works, Economics, Engagement, History, General Marketing Communications, Journalism, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Professional Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Spanish, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Information systems, international business, real estate and so on.