Purchase a SHMS degree certificate online.

Purchase a SHMS degree certificate online.
Purchase a SHMS degree certificate online.
Bachelor degree in Hotel Management from Switzerland-
Bachelor degree in Hotel Management from Switzerland-

1.Basic information.Purchase a SHMS degree.

School address

Francophone Caux(five-star Campus) and Leysin(Central Campus)


Founding time

In 1991

English name

Swiss Hotel Management School

Subordinate region


Founded in 1991, the school is affiliated to Switzerland. It is the largest and most famous hotel management school in Switzerland. It is also the only university in Switzerland that used to be a five-star hotel. It is also an accredited member of the Swiss Association of Hotel Management Schools (ASEH), the most authoritative association of hotel management universities in Switzerland, and of the American Hotel Association (AH&LA), the largest hotel association in the world, which guarantees excellent teaching quality and first-class faculty.

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2.Course characteristics.

1. Close combination of practical theory. Experienced teachers not only guide students to actively explore theories in class, but also carefully guide all aspects of practical courses.


2. Paid internship (According to the Swiss government, the minimum monthly salary for international students is 2168 Swiss francs), which is cost-effective. Internship locations include Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai and other countries. The Internship Office of the College will assist students throughout their internship. A paid internship covers a third of the cost of tuition.


3 Double degree certificate, common in the industry. SHMS offers dual degrees from the University of Derby in Switzerland and the UK to make students more competitive when choosing a career.


4. Choose more majors to broaden the employment scope. Students can choose to study hotel management, hotel operation management, tourism management, project management and other majors according to their actual situation and career planning. The choice of multiple majors opens the way for the future employment of students.


Teaching in English, assisting the second foreign language. In addition to English, students are required to study French, German or Spanish to lay a solid foundation for their future career.