Perfect copy of a fake degree from Southern Illinois University.

Perfect copy of a fake degree from Southern Illinois University.

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1.Basic information.Perfect copy of a fake degree.

Southern Illinois University(SIU)

Founding time
In 1869

Number of students
16872 (Bach.)

Nature of school

Geographical location

Pupil-teacher ratio

Proportion of overseas students

Course taught
Master, bachelor, doctor

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2.School profile.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has a good software and hardware environment, sufficient research funds, and a rich library with a total collection of 2 million books, 2.4 million sets of microfilm and more than 15,000 journals, and fully realized computer networking, readers can easily find the books they need through the network. There are also many research projects in the university, including the archaeological survey of the Heifangshan Mountain in the Department of Anthropology, the investigation of the potential of water conservancy and fishery in four cities in the Department of Zoology, and the study of high-sulfur coal in the Department of Energy.

Major taught

The school has a complete set of disciplines, with more than 100 disciplines and specialties. Accounting, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Soil Science, Evolutionary Biology, Teacher Education, Cell Biology, Zoology, Reading Science, Human Resource Management and Personnel, Public Policy and Management, Environmental Engineering, Pathology, Medical Technology, Biostatistics, Anthropology, Art History, Art and Fine Arts, Developmental Psychology, Chemical Engineering, Languages Pathology, Quantitative Analysis, Mineral Resources and Research, Astronomy, Biology, Landscape Architecture, Consumer Economics, Analytical Chemistry, Document Information Science, Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Classical Literature Studies.

Cognitive Science, Communication and Culture, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Health Institution Management and Hospital Management, Meteorology and Science Atmospheric Sciences, Parasitology, Fisheries Research, Home Economics, Electrical Engineering, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Mining, Meteorology, Nutrition, Nursing, Humanities, Oral and Dental Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Science, Health Care, Drama and Stage Arts, Auditory Sciences, Communication, French, German, Metallurgical Engineering, Photography, English, Russian, Geography , Civil Engineering, Climatology, Geology, Toxicology, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Immunology, Statistics, Music, Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc.