Need Info to Buy a Fake U-M degree?

Need Info to Buy a Fake U-M degree?
Need Info to Buy a Fake U-M degree?

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University of Michigan

UMich, U of M, Michigan

Founding time
September 24th, 1817

School-running nature
Public university

School characteristics
Big Ten member


Major awards
Only school to complete all four NCAA national slams
National Oceanographic Research Program
American space Science Program Academy

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The University of Michigan, founded in 1817, is one of the top ten comprehensive public universities in the United States, known as the public Ivy League, and one of the major research universities in the world. The Ann Arbor flagship campus covers an area of over 3100 hectares (about 13 square kilometers), with more than 20,000 hectares (about 85 square kilometers) of botanical gardens, ecological parks, wetlands, and playgrounds. There are 315 main campus buildings. No matter the size of the campus, campus buildings, academic status, teaching resources, the quality of teachers or students are the top state universities in the United States.

The main campus of the University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor (or Ann Arbor), which is only 45 minutes’ drive from the international airport of Detroit, the largest city in Michigan. In addition to the Ann Arbor campus, there are two campuses — Dearborn and Flint — with a combined enrollment of more than 53,000 students. About 38,000 of them are in Ann Arbor.

Current President of the University of Michigan Ms. Mary Sue Coleman is the 13th president of the University of Michigan. Under her leadership, the University of Michigan will have greater potential for academic research development. University of Michigan President’s Office

In the United States, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is often grouped with UC-Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the triumvirate of public universities.