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San Jose State University


Founding time

School-running nature
California public university

School characteristics
The California State University System ranked No. 1

Competent department
California state government

State key discipline
Computer, accounting, Electronic Engineering, Economics, Art, Aviation, Sports Engineering

School motto
Powering Silicon Valley


Major awards
#1 Silicon Valley companies hire graduates; #1 Most international graduate students; #6 Public University of the West;

One of the nation’s premier universities for undergraduate education

Subordinate region

Major department
Charles Davidson School of Engineering, College of Humanities and Arts, College of Natural Sciences, College of Education, School of Business, etc

Student in school

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Founded in 1857, San Jose State University (SJSU for short) is not only the oldest university in California, but also the top public university in the Western region of the United States. Located in the center of San Jose, SAN Jose City, it occupies 154 hectares. It is a world-renowned comprehensive public university located in California. It has the highest employment rate in the world, the highest graduation salary in the United States, a strong diversified academic atmosphere, and outstanding undergraduate education quality. It has been selected as one of the top 50 public comprehensive universities in the United States by Fox Magazine, and hundreds of overseas students come to study there every year. In addition, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas Chinese will call it California SAN Jose State University.

Today, it is an institution of higher education with the world’s top academic standing, reputation, internship opportunities, and influence, and is known as the core representative of the quality of undergraduate education in the United States. Its computer science and accounting departments are among the best in the United States today. Most of its graduates are offered jobs in the heart of the world’s Silicon Valley. Many Silicon Valley companies even offer internships in their junior and senior years. In both the University of California System (UC) and the California State University System (CSU), SAN Jose State University occupies the best geographic location of any university in California.