How to get a fake diploma from Newcastle upon Tyne University.

How to get a fake diploma from Newcastle upon Tyne University.
How to get a fake diploma from Newcastle upon Tyne University.

1.Basic information.How to get a fake diploma .

English name: University of Newcastle

Type of school: Public

Founding Date: 1834

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

School Ranking: 18th in the UK (TIMES) 97th in the world (NEWSWEEK)

Number of students: About 22,000

Participating organization: Red Brick University of England, an Ivy League Russell League university

Library: The Robinson Library has the third largest collection in the UK

The University of Newcastle, one of the world’s top 100 universities, was founded in 1834 and is one of the oldest universities in the UK. As a Redbrick University and a Russell Group university, the University is famous for providing high-quality teaching and research courses, and has a strong scientific research strength and excellent international reputation.

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2.School characteristics.

The University of Newcastle offers high quality undergraduate and master’s degree programmes. The University of Newcastle has long been ranked among the top universities in the UK for its excellence in teaching and research. The University consists of eight schools: Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Environmental and Social Sciences, Medicine, and Science. There are more than 200 undergraduate degree programs and 130 taught graduate programs, and all departments offer master’s or doctoral research programs. With 17,000 full-time students, including more than 2,500 from more than 100 countries outside the UK, the campus has a strong atmosphere of international academic exchange.

In addition, the MBA program is one of the few members in the UK to be recognized by the Council for Professional Accreditation of Masters of Business Administration (AMBA). In the Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA), all departments are rated 20 or more out of 24, with full marks in the following departments: Biochemistry and Genetics, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Psychology, Linguistics. The advantages of the university include: Medicine, Life science, International Economics and finance, International financial analysis, music, translation studies, interpretation, economics, Psychology, agricultural science, Environmental Science, Electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, systems engineering, traffic engineering, landscape design, urban planning, etc