How to fake a degree from Newcastle Northumbria University.

How to fake a degree from Newcastle Northumbria University.
How to fake a degree from Newcastle Northumbria University.

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The school aims to provide high quality teaching, excellent facilities and a supportive environment for international students. Several of Northumbria’s campuses are in the city of Newcastle and Carlisle, which are popular with students. Students enjoy a high quality of life here, but the cost of living is lower.
Northumbria University has 25,000 students, including about 3,000 international students. The university has close links with industry and the curriculum is designed to help students achieve future career success. Its many degree programmes are also officially recognised by a number of professional bodies. [1]

Recommended major
Land and Property Management (TOP11), Architecture (TOP13), Food Science (TOP14), Social Work (TOP18), Art and design (TOP19).

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In addition to the library, the university’s learning facilities include an information technology center that provides computers and E-mail addresses as well as Internet access. In addition, the university provides online support and help with learning skills through the Internet.

The sports centre on the Newcastle City campus includes a gym, four badminton court-sized gymnasiums and squash courts. Located on the Cauchi Road campus, the Sports Center has a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including a large gymnasium, gym, martial arts and aerobics gym, turf courts and artificial turf and light courts.

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The Student Union organises many clubs and societies, as well as a wide range of sporting activities including badminton, canoeing, cricket, horse riding, jiujitsu, judo, karate, martial arts, lacrosse, mountain biking, rowing, skiing, squash, diving, surfing, table tennis, trampolining, super Frisbee, volleyball, football, rugby, American football, swimming and other outdoor activities.

Northumbria University has a long tradition of welcoming international students and arranges pick-up and welcome services, orientation events and English language tutoring. The University’s International Student Counsellors provide counselling and support services prior to the student’s arrival and throughout their studies.

The chaplains of the university are willing to develop friendships with all students, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation, and take the time to offer support and practical help. The school arranges trips to local places of interest and social activities for students every year.