How to buy a fake degree from Technical University of Munich.

How to buy a fake degree from Technical University of Munich.
How to buy a fake degree from Technical University of Munich.
How to buy a fake degree from Technical University of Munich.
How to buy a fake degree from Technical University of Munich.

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Technische Universitat Munchen
Technical University of Munich

TUM, TU Munchen

Founding time
In 1868

School characteristics
Member of the International Union of Science and Technology Universities
Member of the Global Alliance of Universities and Colleges

Faculty setting
Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Economic Management, Sports and Health, Government management, etc

School motto
Based on Bayern, success in the world

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Major awards
Nobel Prize, Pritzker Prize, Leibniz Prize

Famous alumni
Pelant, Diesel

Number of students
39,759 people

Number of teachers

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2.Basic information.

Technical University of Munich (TUM), founded in 1868, is located in Munich, the largest city in southern Germany. TUM is a top research university in Europe. It is the Alma mater of Pelant, the father of fluid mechanics, Linde, the father of refrigerator, Diesel, the inventor of B Tree, Walter, the founder of modern architecture, Xu Huibin, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Reithofer, the chairman of BMW and other world famous people. TUM is regarded as the symbol of German universities in the world today, and is consistently ranked at the top of German universities.

With its excellent innovation spirit and scientific and educational quality, TUM has become one of the first three elite universities in Germany, including the International Alliance of Universities of Science and Technology, the Global Alliance of Universities of Advanced Research, the European Alliance of Technical Universities of Excellence, and the European Alliance of Top Engineering Universities. It has been listed as a key funding object by the German government and enjoys the highest scientific research funding in Germany. TUM also owns the Deutsche Heart Research Center, the first cardiac medical center in Europe.

TUM’s motto is: Based on Bayern, succeed in the world. To date, TUM has produced 17 Nobel Prize winners, 23 Leibniz Prize winners, and 24 IEEE Fellows.

TUM is ranked 19th in the 2022 QS World University of Engineering Rankings. Its disciplines are ranked in the world: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (18), Mechanical Engineering (21), Architecture (21), Computer Science and Information Systems (29), Medicine (62). Ranked 1st in Innovation in 2021THE world, 38th in 2022THE World, 35th in 2021 the International University of Moscow, 50th in 2022the QS World University Rankings (first in Germany) and 13th in the global University student employability in 2021THE World.