How much does a fake Cranfield University degree cost?

How much does a fake Cranfield University degree cost?
How much does a fake Cranfield University degree cost?

1.Basic information

Cranfield University

Tsuruta University

Founding time

School-running nature
Public university

School category
Comprehensive research university, graduate school

School characteristics
Member of the Midlands Innovation Alliance

Faculty setting
School of Management, School of Water, Energy and Environment, School of Aerospace, Transportation and Manufacturing, School of Defense and Security

School motto
Say goodbye to darkness and embrace light


Major awards
She won the Queen’s Anniversary Award six times
Accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB
81% of the research was awarded as a world-leading or internationally outstanding research project

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2.Basic introduction.How much does a fake degree.

Cranfield University was formerly founded in 1946 by the Royal Air Force (RAF) Cranfield Base Aviation College in Bedfordshire. Cranfield University is the only university with an airport in Europe. It is an international university that only recruits masters and doctors.

Cranfield University has won the Queen’s Anniversary Award six times; Cranfield Aeronautical School awards more than 50% of all graduate degrees in aerospace and aeronautical engineering in the UK; Its strength in Europe and the world is in the forefront; It is also where Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, received his honorary doctorate.

With triple Business School accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS), Cranfield School of Management is one of the top business schools in the UK. Logistics and Supply chain Management is also the flagship program of the school.

Curriculum setting.

A curriculum system that works closely with industry

Cranfield University puts 100% emphasis on teaching, research and development of postgraduate students. After graduation, Cranfield University students are more likely to choose to work in commercial, industrial or government institutions, and a small number of students choose academic research career after graduation.

Different from many British universities, Cranfield University does not rely too much on the financial aid of the British government to develop its education and research, because almost all the research projects and R&D projects that the university is engaged in are of high commercial value, so that many enterprises are willing to fund the completion of these research projects for the university. Many of the graduates are employed in advanced and sophisticated fields, such as aviation, automobile manufacturing, health, environment, management, production, safety and defense.

The secret of Cranfield’s success is its close collaboration with industry. Each subject department has the responsibility to raise its own research funds through research and project development. The results of these research projects are of high commercial value to many industries. This leads to collaboration between subject departments and industry, which is why Cranfield University plays an important role in many innovations.

TOP5 research universities in the UK.How much does a fake degree.

Cranfield was one of the first universities to offer a double degree, initially in partnership with the University of Compiegne in Paris, France. Today, double degrees are widely available in universities and institutions of higher education in Europe and elsewhere.

Cranfield is a TOP5 research university in the UK, offering only master’s and doctoral degrees (and equivalents). Its predecessor is the British Aeronautical college, in Europe’s aerospace engineering industry known as one of the best, is the cradle of many British military aircraft models and aviation engines, is also the first man on the moon Armstrong honorary doctorate degree. Cranfield School of Management is ranked among the best in the UK and offers a wide range of practical disciplines :MBA, logistics and supply chain, management and strategic marketing. Cranfield School of Management is also popular with local and multinational companies in Europe.

Most courses of Cranfield University are compulsory courses, and the courses employ senior executives from the industry to participate in the teaching, supervision and evaluation of the courses, so its teaching philosophy and scientific quality are very practical and practical. For enterprises in the industry, Cranfield University has a very high status and reputation in Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries. What’s more, Cranfield University has a higher quality of students and graduates than its peers. The employment rate of its graduates is also very high, with 97% of its graduates entering jobs related to their major within six weeks of graduation.