How about a fake degree from Niagara University?

How about a fake degree from Niagara University?
How about a fake degree from Niagara University?

1.Basic information.How about a fake degree.

Niagara University

Founding time
In 1856

Subordinate region
New York State



United States

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2.School profile.

The school was first established in 1856 by the Holy See Mission,

Named Our Lady of Angels Seminary, the school was renamed Niagara University in 1883. Niagara University is still run by Catholic priests. The University is structured into seven schools: College of Arts and Science, School of Business, School of Education, School of Business Etiquette and Tourism Management, School of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies and School of Continuing Education and Community Education. The university offers bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide range of specialties, The main majors offered are: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies Biology, Business, Computer and information Science, criminology and criminal Justice, economics, history, International Studies, Human Resource Management, Supply chain Management, marketing, Nursing, philosophy, political science, psychology Science, religious studies, sociology, etc.

Specialty setting
Bachelor Degree: Law, Engineering, Management, Education, Economics, Science, History, Literature, Medicine, Philosophy

Master’s Degree: Law, Management, Education, Economics, Science, Literature, Medicine

PhD: Management

MBA: Management, economics, Medicine

Preparatory courses: Law, education, Medicine