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Basic information
Murdoch University
Founding time
Walter Moddock
School-running nature
Public university
School category
Comprehensive research university
School characteristics
Member of the Australian Consortium of Innovative Research Universities
Faculty setting
Trade, Information Technology, Political Science and International Studies, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics

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Founded in 1973, Murdoch University is an Australian public research university.
The main campus of the University is located in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia, Australia. The University is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and has branch campuses in Singapore and Dubai.

Australia’s Murdoch University is known for pioneering research in a wide range of areas, including plant disease control, animal health, clean air, waste disposal and environmental technology.

In addition, Murdoch University maintains close links with overseas partner institutions, Australian government departments and industry partners, providing students with valuable practical experience.

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Modoc University is located in Perth, Western Australia. The university covers an area of 227 hectares and is decorated with Australian plants. In 1987, the school was awarded the prestigious Urban Design Award for its work in architecture, landscaping and planning.

The University offers a wide variety of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. The areas covered are: trade; Information technology; Political Science and International Studies; Engineering; Environmental science; Mathematical and physical sciences; Social sciences; Anthropology; Education; Media studies; Communication research; Psychology; Science and technology; Veterinary science; Biomedical sciences; Asian Studies; Sustainable development.

Among them, Trade, Information Technology, Political Science and International Studies, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematical and physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Education, Media Studies, and Communications Studies are outstanding majors at Murdoch University.Buying a 100% copy of a fake Brock University degree online?