Buy fake diplomas from the University of Paris 1 – Pantheon – Sorbonne online.

Buy fake diplomas from the University of Paris 1 - Pantheon - Sorbonne online.
Buy fake diplomas from the University of Paris 1 – Pantheon – Sorbonne online.

1.Why do more and more people buy fake diplomas online?

The University of Paris I inherits the tradition of elite education and develops into an academic center with international influence. It is one of the largest data resource centers in France, and the magnificent Sorbonne Library with nearly 3 million books is undoubtedly one of the treasures of the data resource center. At the same time, it has important contacts with all the famous universities on the five continents of the world.

The University of Paris 1 is located in the Latin Quarter, the most cultural area of Paris. As a comprehensive university, it has 26 campuses, divided into 3 schools, 14 departments and 9 research centers. The school currently has nearly 40,000 students and about 16,700 foreign students, including about 1,017 from Asia. Students study under the guidance of a research group after selecting a major, in addition to additional training in inter-departmental disciplines, faculties and affiliated centres.

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2.School history.

The University of Paris was founded in the 13th century and has a history of eight hundred years. Pantheon is the successor of the Sorbonne University and the Paris School of Law and Economics. Founded in 1971, it is a university focusing on philosophy, literature, law, politics, economics and management sciences. It has an important influence in the relevant academic circles of Europe and the world. For the French administration, judicial, enterprise, academic and other aspects of the training of a large number of outstanding talents.

Campus environment
The University enjoys some of the most prestigious buildings in France’s university heritage; The school has always had a large main campus in the Latin Quarter of central Paris, and since the 1960s has gradually expanded within the Paris city limits.

School characteristics
One of the oldest universities in Europe and even the world, Paris has long enjoyed a high status in Western academia. The University has produced a large number of the world’s top experts and scholars, including eight Nobel Prize winners including Marie Curie, and created numerous academic classics that will be impressed by later generations.