Where to buy a fake Otago Polytechnic Diploma.

Where to buy a fake Otago Polytechnic Diploma.
Where to buy a fake Otago Polytechnic Diploma.

1.Basic information.Where to buy a fake Diploma.

Otago Polytechnic

Geographical location
Dunedin, Otago, Auckland

The birthplace of education in New Zealand

School profile
Otago Polytechnic is a wholly government-owned institution located in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand: the City of Dunedin and Central Otago and the city of Auckland in the North Island. Otago Polytechnic enjoys a long history and has produced many outstanding graduates. The college originated from Dunedin Technical College founded in 1889 and the College of Art founded in 1870.

Outstanding Otago Polytechnic graduates possess abilities that are highly sought after both in New Zealand and internationally. They are dedicated, knowledgeable and far-sighted, with the idea of solving problems and promoting industrial development. One of the characteristics of Otago Polytechnic students is to lay a unique practical foundation to help them succeed in their international careers. Otago Polytechnic has gained international recognition for the unique education it provides to its students, reaching the top of New Zealand rankings and becoming a widely admired and respected applied and research school.

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2.Existing curriculum

University degree courses include: Health care, nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, fine arts and trade (information technology), business, engineering costs, taught jointly with the University of Otago.

Other diploma and certificate of study courses at all levels include: Art, Porcelain Art, Process Design, Applied Science and Technology, Business Studies, Business Computer Science, Office Systems, Architectural Design and Engineering, Civil Electrical, Electronic/Computer Technology, Mechanical.

Offer courses

Applied commerce
Bachelor of Applied Business, Bachelor of Business Administration (Level 7), Bachelor of Accounting (Level 7), Bachelor of Applied Tourism and Tourism (Level 5), Bachelor of Business (Level 7), Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Level 7), Bachelor of Marketing (Level 7), Graduate of Food and Catering Management, Graduate of Hospitality Management, Graduate of Human Resource Management, Graduate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Diploma in Business, Diploma in Operations and Production Management, Diploma in Sports Management, Diploma in Strategic Management, Diploma in Tourism Management, National Certificate in Business (Lower Management)(Level 4), National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing (Level 6), Graduate Diploma in Business Applied Management (Level 8), Master of Business Applied Management (Level 9).

Architecture and engineering

Summary of Architectural Drawing, Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Level 6), Certificate in Basic Mechanical Engineering Trade Skills (Level 6), Certificate in Carpentry (Level 6), Certificate in Electrical Science and Technology (Level 6), Diploma in Architectural Drawing (Level 6), Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Level 6), National Certificate in Architecture (Leader)(Level 7), National Certificate in Architecture (Supervisor)(Level 8), National Document in Construction Management By (Level 6), National Diploma in Quantity Testing (Level 6), New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil)(Level 6), Bachelor of Architecture (Level 7), Bachelor of Engineering (Level 7).

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Diploma of Art (Professional), Diploma of Ceramic Art (Level 6), Diploma of Ceramic Art (Level 7), Diploma of Visual Arts Graduation, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Visual Arts, Graduate Certificate in Visual Arts, Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts (Level 8).