Quickly buy a fake diploma from Liverpool John Moores University.

Quickly buy a fake diploma from Liverpool John Moores University.
Quickly buy a fake diploma from Liverpool John Moores University.

1.Basic information.Quickly buy a fake diploma from Liverpool John Moores University.

Subordinate region
Liverpool, England

University of Liverpool John Moores

Founding time
In 1823

Type of school
Comprehensive university

School attribute

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2.Institution profile.

Liverpool John Moores University (JMU), founded in 1823 and named after Sir John Moore, has a long history of producing highly skilled graduates. Located in the heart of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University offers more than 200 undergraduate and master’s programmes, 24,000 students and 2,500 faculty from over 80 countries around the world. Headmistress Cherie Blair is the wife of the current British Prime Minister Tony Blair. LJMU graduates have worked in the world’s leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Marconi, Ford Motor Company and the BBC. Liverpool John Moores University is a university with a high level of teaching and research. It has been awarded excellent in the Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) by the Council of Education. Due to its leading curriculum and superior teaching standards, the employment rate of its graduates ranks among the highest in the UK.
Undergraduate course major
College of Arts Professions and Social Sciences

Department of Art and Design Architecture Fashion Art Graphic Design and Illustration Art History Interior Design popular music studies

Business Accounting and finance Business and Public relations Business media Business management Business Human Resource Management Marketing

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Criminology Criminal Psychology Crime and Sociology English Media and Cultural Studies History and English Media Studies Media Culture and Media Studies Sociology

Department of Law Law and Criminal Justice Criminal justice Forensic Psychology and criminal justice

Screen Department Creative Writing Creative Writing and Film Studies English and Creative Writing Theatre Theatre and Creative Writing English and Theatre Film Studies Media Studies Journalism International Journalism

College of Education Community and Leisure

Coaching development dance practice Early childhood research Early education Pedagogy Pedagogy and physics education pedagogy and special education and special needs activity management Food and nutrition Home economics Food design and technology Movement development Learning development and support Outdoor teaching primary teaching movement development and physics teaching Tourism and Leisure Management Tourism and leisure Research Tourism leisure and hospitality

Health and Applied Social Sciences

Obstetrics nursing social work environment health adult nursing mental health nursing psychological therapy health and social welfare development

School of folding science
Department of Sports Science Sports Science Football science applied to Eastern psychology

Department of Pharmacy and Molecular Biological Sciences Applied Chemistry and Pharmacy Biochemistry Biomedical Sciences Forensic Pharmacy