Purchase a Certified information security Instructor (CISI) certificate.

Purchase a Certified information security Instructor (CISI) certificate.
Purchase a Certified information security Instructor (CISI) certificate.

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Certified information security Instructor (hereinafter referred to as CISI), It is implemented by CNITSEC in order to improve and standardize the training of registered information security professionals (CISP) and registered information security officers (CISM), improve the quality of training, and strengthen the management of training instructors. The administrative Measures shall be applicable to the application, review, registration, supervision and assessment of registered Information Security instructors (CISI) by China Information Security Evaluation Center (hereinafter referred to as CNITSEC). Those who meet the application criteria may apply to CNITSEC for registration as an Information Security Instructor. There are three levels of registered information security lecturers, and the level of lecturers is determined according to their knowledge level, teaching experience, teaching contribution, teaching effect and other factors. Level 1 is called training lecturer, which is the basic level. Level 2 is senior lecturer, which means that they have higher training skills and knowledge. Level 3 is the highest level of lecturer, special lecturer, which means that certified personnel have excellent teaching experience, skills and knowledge. Registration information security training instructor application requirements:

1. Have one of the following qualifications and work experience:

1) Master degree or above, more than 2 years of information security related work experience;

2) Bachelor degree, more than 4 years of information security related work experience;

3) Junior college, more than 6 years of information security related work experience;

2, recognize and accept the registered information security lecturer code of ethics.

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The registration procedure of CISI includes five stages: application, qualification examination, technical competence examination, teaching competence examination and registration.

1. Application: The applicant for Registered Information Security Instructor shall submit the Application Form for Registered Information Security Instructor to CNITSEC.

2. Qualification Review :CNITSEC will review the application materials submitted by the applicant in writing to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for application.

3. Technical ability review :CNITSEC organizes an expert evaluation panel to review whether the applicant has the corresponding technical ability required for CISP teaching. If one of the following conditions is met, it is considered to have passed the technical capability audit:

1) Hold the CISP certificate within the validity period;

2) Personnel with nationally recognized senior professional titles and engaged in information security teaching or research;

3) Applicants invited by CNITSEC to register as CISI;

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4. Teaching ability Review :CNITSEC organizes expert evaluation panel to review whether applicants have mastered basic teaching skills and teaching experience. You are considered to have passed the teaching ability Audit if you meet one of the following conditions:

1) Pass the CISP course trial assessment organized by CNITSEC. The trial assessment shall be completed by a panel of not less than three experts. The members of the evaluation team will evaluate and score the trial lecture respectively. If the average score of the assessment is 70 or above, it will be regarded as passing the trial lecture assessment. Trial lecture assessment Method 1(on-site trial lecture): The applicant needs to choose two courses from the CISP courses. The presiding officer of the evaluation team randomly selects one course from the two courses and invites the applicant to give a trial lecture for 30 minutes. Then, the evaluation team members ask questions and answer the applicant for 20 minutes. Trial assessment Method 2(video trial): The applicant chooses two courses by himself. Each course is taught for 30 minutes with video recording, and then the video file is sent to the evaluation team. The evaluation team will assess the applicant through the trial video, and ask questions to the applicant by telephone as required. The applicant will answer the questions by telephone.

2) Staff with state-recognized junior title or above and engaged in training and teaching in colleges and universities within the recent two years;

3) Applicants invited by CNITSEC to register as CISI;

5. Registration: Applicants who have passed the qualification examination, technical competence examination and teaching ability examination, after submitting the CISP examination questions to CNITSEC and selecting at least 20 questions, will be awarded the Certified Information Security Instructor (CISI) certificate issued by CNITSEC and will be published on the official website of CNITSEC. The certificate is valid for one year. By default, those who initially apply for the lecturer qualification will obtain the Level 1 lecturer qualification.Buying fake FIG certificates online?