How to order a fake University of Maine undergraduate diploma.

How to order a fake University of Maine undergraduate diploma.
How to order a fake University of Maine undergraduate diploma.

1.Basic information.How to order a fake diploma.

The name
The University of Maine

Burma University

Founding time
Founded in 1862

School category
Comprehensive university


The University of Maine is the most famous university in the state of Maine. It was founded in 1862. The University of Maine has more than 11,000 students, including 9,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students. It has a campus in Orono, near Bangor. The Fogler Library at the University of Maine is the largest library in Maine, with more than a million books and some Chinese magazines.

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2.School profile

The university has a museum of anthropology. Museum of Ethnic and oral History, Museum of Art, Observatory, Centre for Social Science Research, Centre for Land and Water Research, Experimental Farm, Centre for Marine Research. The stadiums and facilities are complete.

The school had 419 foreign students, accounting for 3.3 percent of the student body at the time. The University of Maine has a high acceptance rate of 80 percent for high school graduates. Girls make up 53% of the students in the school.

Influenced by the land-Grant Act of 1862, Maine decided to establish the Maine Agricultural and Technical College in 1865. Classes began on September 21, 1868. At that time, there were only two teachers and 12 students. In 1871, the school opened three majors: agriculture and civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Female students were first admitted in 1872. The master’s degree was introduced in 1881. It was renamed the University of Maine in 1897 as the Graduate School in 1923, the School of Education in 1930, and the School of Business (namely the School of Business Administration) in 1958.

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