How to buy a fake Malaysian UiTM degree?

How to buy a fake Malaysian UiTM degree?
How to buy a fake Malaysian UiTM degree?

How to buy a fake Malaysian UiTM degree? Universiti Teknologi MARA offers accommodation in Malaysia. What a university Universiti Teknologi MARA is. How can I study at Universiti Teknologi MARA? Fake UiTM transcript. 100% copy of UiTM Certificate of completion.

1.How long will it take to receive UiTM fake degree purchased online? Is it qualified?

Universiti Teknologi MARA, or UiTM, founded in 1956, is a public university in Malaysia. University of Technology Mara (UiTM) is currently the largest university in Malaysia with the largest number of students, the largest campus and the largest scale.

There are currently about 170,000 students enrolled in the university, including local Malaysian students, international students, full-time students and part-time students. Courses are taught in English. University of Technology Mara is the second largest university in Malaysia in terms of campus area after Universiti Bottera Malaysia (UPM).

The Technical University of Mara has 21 faculties, which are: School of Art and Design, School of Architectural Planning and Surveying, School of Applied Sciences, School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, School of Civil Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering.

The science and technology program of the university is highly influential throughout Malaysia.

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It has first-class teaching and living facilities

The Technical University of Mara has first-class teaching facilities, including gravity laboratory, chemistry laboratory, library, explosion laboratory, more than 100 auxiliary learning laboratories, computer room, etc.

In terms of life, the university is equipped with fitness center, coffee bar, medical center and so on for students. The conditions of the dormitories of the University of Technology are much better than those of other Malaysian universities. The dormitories belong to the hotel style rooms, which are managed by the hotel style and cleaned by personnel every day.

Technical University of Mara ranking

Since 2018, in response to the Malaysian government’s policy of internationalizing education, UiTM has opened its postgraduate and doctoral degrees to the world, as well as exchange programs and short-term camps for foreign students. It is believed that in the near future, with its scale and academic level, the university will quickly improve its ranking in the world universities.

Overall, it is a very good public university, offering over 500 academic programs, including 158 master’s degree programs and 49 doctoral degree programs, which are sure to meet the needs of students.Fake degree from Sydney University.

3.Undergraduate major

College of Art and Design
Pure Art, Textile design, contemporary metal design, Industrial design, ceramic industry, fashion design

School of Architecture, Planning and Surveying
Surveying and geology, real estate management, quality testing, building surveying, park and amenity management, construction management

School of applied Science
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Polymer Science, Molecular Biology, Applied Chemistry, Food Science, Industrial Physics, Chemical Analysis

School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science, Information Technology, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Information Technology, Data Exchange and Networks, Information Systems Engineering, Computer mathematics, Mathematics, Computer networks, multimedia computers

School of Civil Engineering
Civil engineering

School of Electrical Engineering
Electronic engineering, electrical engineering

School of Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering, oil and gas

School of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering

Institute of Contemporary Islamic Studies
Halal food management

Language institute
English, Malay, Arabic

Law school

School of Mass Media and Media Studies
Journalism, Public Relations, Broadcasting, Advertising, printing, Communication teaching and training, interpersonal communication
Media, Management and Policy, New media communication

Conservatory of music
Music education, music creation, music performance, music business

School of Sports Science and Recreation
Sports management, sports science

School of accounting

College of Art and Design
Art design, visual culture, graphic design, video media creativity

School of Architecture, Planning and Surveying
Urban area planning, architecture, interior architecture, architectural landscape

School of Business Management
Entrepreneurship Management, Office System Management, Customer Service Management, Health Management, Project Management, Marketing, Insurance, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Retail Management, International Business, Transportation, Islamic Banking, Business Economics

School of education
English as a Second Foreign Language, Art and Design, physical health, Biology, physics, mathematics, Chemistry

School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Hotel management, tourism management, food service management, culinary arts

School of Health Sciences
Nursing, medical laboratory technology, environmental health and safety, physiotherapy, work therapy, optometry, nutrition, medical imaging

College of Pharmacy